Soft Crease

Leading Soft Crease® Technology

We are unique in our ability to Soft Crease environmentally-preferred APET and RPET box-grade plastics, for boxes with superior strength and performance characteristics.

  • Fast and efficient packing
  • Substantial labor cost savings
  • Premium look and crisp appearance
  • Superior package integrity

While other scoring methods can produce stiff or fragile scores and sharp edges, our proprietary soft creasing technology ensures that Hip Lik clear plastic boxes fold precisely, have clean lines, and maintain their crisp shape.

Automated-fill & Hand-fill Applications
The uniformity of Hip Lik Soft Crease boxes permit efficient filling on even the highest speed automated filling lines.

For hand-fill applications, nothing beats our Soft Crease, Auto Bottom PET & PVC boxes. They set up quickly and easily by hand and our time and motion studies have shown significant labor cost savings, up to 30% as compared with standard tuck boxes.